Benefits and Advantages of Detail Design

Detail Design
Benefits & Advantages
Yagos Stokas
18 Oct 2019
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  • Detail Design Specs
    Image: Stokas Technical Specification

    Detail Design is applied to every Stokas Inc. project.

    It is not just a set of drawings but a construction guide for delivering a realible, aesthetic and complete work.

    In summary, a complete detail design ensures:

    • Avoiding initial estimation errors that ultimately lead to cost overruns;
    • Avoiding misinterpretations of the Agreement and Scope of Work;
    • Smooth workflow;
    • Timely completion according to the Time Schedule;
    • Sufficient supervision of the project;
    • Resident equivalent as the Owner imagined and paid for it;
    • Reliable and excellent result;
    • On time deliverable due to that Purchase Orders are well known from project start;
    • Smooth collaboration between Owner and Contractor;
    Detail Design Wooden Closet


    Closet Plan

    Detail Design Wooden Closet

    Facade Closet

    Without the Detail Design, issues will arise during construction that need to be resolved immediately. This often leads to malfunctions, cost overruns and late delivery.

    The budget is based on facts rather than assumptions. This ensures the Owner has a “locked” total price by the end of the project and a smooth and seamless cooperation with the Contractor without any disagreements and misinterpretations.

    Last but not least is the Aesthetics and Architecture of the project meets exactly the Owner’s wishes. The textures, materials, thicknesses and cross-sections of each building component are those that make up an elegant construction.

    Because each person’s aesthetics is different, detail design ensures that the end result will be consistent to your own aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and usability.

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