What is Detail Design?

Detail Design
What is it
Yagos Stokas
18 Apr 2019
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    Detail Design (DD) is the detail drawings and the technical description of the construction who follows a process which involves the input of the client’s requirements with details, material’s characteristics and technical methods. It’s final purpose is to cover every construction aspect of the project until completion.

    The implementation of the DD is carried out by a team of engineers and designers, whose design follows a framework of clarity and simplicity in order to be fully understandable in all involved parties of the project (Owner, Engineers, Decorators, Subcontractors, Suppliers). The Project Manager directs and coordinates the design team to gather all the required information, channel them to the involved parties, and effectively link the team with the Owner.

    Dry wall detail design

    Prerequisite to the preparation of a feasible DD is the excellent knowledge of the construction process and technical methods based on the rules of architecture and science. It is essentially the experience in the construction projects Supervision.

    Prior to the development of the DD, it is highly recommended, the process of obtaining the Building Permit to be completed.

    In case of modifications to Urban Planning design, these will affect the DD and the revision of it, is a laborious and time-consuming process at considerable cost.

    The Detail Design is analyzed in the following stages:

    1. Detailed Drawings
    2. Technical Specifications
    3. Time Scheduling

    1. Detailed Design

    The detailed design is the stage where the construction drawings (e.g. floor plans and bathroom views, flooring construction details, carpentry, masonry, dry walls, etc.) are being prepared.

    The designs are in 2D models and wherever required in 3D in order to achieve the required understanding and clarity of construction details from all involved members of the project .

    Due to the fact that process of building a home varies according to the shape, location, complexity and requirements of the Owner, the detailed design varies from house to house and generally from project to project even if they are related to each other.

    Indicatively, detailed planning consists of the following list of projects:


    • Layout Arrangement in 1/50 or 1/100 or 1/200 Scale,
    • Excavation Diagram in 1/50 or 1/100 or 1/200 Scale
    • Floor’s plan of all levels in 1/50 Scale,
    • Building Facades in Scale 1/50,
    • Building Sections in Scale 1/50,

    Construction Details

    • Section of Masonry – Lintel
    • Section of Sound proof Masonry
    • Section of Dry Walls (Double, Insulation, False Ceiling, Comfort Lighting)
    • Section of Thermal Insulation of Beams – Columns
    • Section of Thermal Insulation – Waterproofing Basements and/or roof garden
    • Section of floor Insulation of Floor Heating
    • Section of Waterproofing of basements and foundations
    • Section of Waterproofing of Swimming Pools
    • Section of Flooring
    • Section of Flooring of Bath Floors and WC
    • View and Plan of Bath and WC Coatings
    • Section of Staircases and Balconies
    • Section of Flooring of Underground Warehouses and Engine rooms
    • Plan, View and Section of Bedroom, Kitchen, Bath Cabinets and Countertops

    Electromechanical Drawings

    • H/M Network Layout arrangement in 1/50 or 1/100 or 1/200 Scale,
    • Lighting Ceiling Plan on 1/50 Scale,
    • Layout Lighting Plan in Scale 1/50 or 1/100,

    2. Technical Specifications

    As the design gets more accurate and continuously enriched, the Technical Specifications of the Project also get assembled.

    The Technical Specifications issue is the set of requirements that materials and design must meet and include the following items:

    • Contractor Obligations
    • Material Specifications,
    • Regulations and Standards,
    • Materials and Installed Equipment Plan
    • Methodology for each stage of construction,

    3. Time Scheduling

    During the elaboration of the detailed study, the Project Time Schedule is drawn up. The time frame is now based on the real picture of the residence and the local market, the deliverables and the required resources, and not to abstract assumptions.

    The Detail design is not just a set of drawings but a construction guide for handing over a reliable and aesthetic project according to the Owner’s preferences.

    It has significant cost-effective benefits and certainly the Detail Design’s cost is amortized during the works execution.

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