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Architectural study. Design is the beginning of a vision. All the unique information that contribute to the creation of a significant result in a project is collected on its interactive components. From functional and aesthetic point of view to the selection of the right materials, everything is a product of creator’s continuous study and commitment to the standards of an idealized achievement.


Construction. From the management of bureaucratic affairs to the selection of the right materials for the final configuration of the building, construction is a matter of dedication. Stokas Inc. ensures integrated manufacturing care, focusing on detail, combination of different materials, but mainly on the selection of the right collaborators. As a company offers a unique experience to the person directly interested during the entire progress of the project.


Interior Design & Decoration. Every trend has its own philosophy. Every material has its own identity. That is why the aesthetics is a blend of knowledge, experience and perception. From the inspiration of creating individual spaces with a unique functional and tasteful identity to the achievement of the final result, Stokas Inc., based on the aesthetic and functional lines, succeeds to highlight the specific features of each space.
Aftersales / Customer Services Award (Quality dossier, Warranties, Documentation) Dossier
Best Single-Family House / Villa / 180sq.m and over
Best Apartment Renovation 50sq.m until 130 sq.m
Best Interior Design Single-Family House / Villa / Apartments
Best Single-Family Rental Luxury Villa 180 sq.m and over
Best Kitchen Design
Best Single Family Residence
Each step of the construction was carried out according to the time-line, earlier than later. The whole project was finished well ahead of estimated time. Till the very end of the project all obligations have been carried out with the same spirit and touch of quality. No issues have been left open. Quality of works and materials and details delivered has been in excess of contract but still delivered within the cost frame.
Our co-operation with Stokas has been great. A friendship has developed from this.
We have all reasons to recommend Stokas to anyone having building or refurbishing plans. Ourselves, we shall, no doubt, choose them again for our future building projects.
Bard Andreassen - Norway
Managing Director | Epsilon Horizon
It is not easy to find an expression of appreciation for the whole team!
They took over a property of 60’s and in 3 months turned it into my personal paradise.
Apart from their modern perspective and thorough design expertise, I would like to focus to their ethos, kindness and professionalism! Virtues are rare nowadays.

Trust them with your eyes shut!
Spyros Hemogeorgakis - Greece
Pharmachy Director
We are so happy with our house and the work done.  It was such a joy to have you on such an important project to us - our home. You are very creative and efficient people. We will never forget when you turned the kitchen upside down to fit the plugs we had forgotten to tell you about and your good advice on the wall colour that was such a success!  We have always felt that you listen to what we were telling you and you did the extra mile to support our needs and deliver a great home on time. Most importantly you are still here after the project is over to provide support and give us great interior design ideas. Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job!
Jelena & Anthony - Greece
Lawyer | Private Investor
Me and my parents worked with Stokas to rennovation our now home. The project was completed with speed and quality. Communication has been excellent. The team also did many work outside of our agreement for good will. We are very happy and impressed with Stokas. Highly recommend!
Francois Wei - China
Private Investor
I have worked with Stokas Construction to renovate my home and outdoor areas and I highly recommend it.
Being an Artist from a very young age, I understand the right aesthetics as well as the intention of a designer so that his construction, his work, is not just overpowering, but it can endure the time and be like a living organism inside the house. This shows the creator's morality, and Stokas Construction is exactly that.
Thank you Very much, we will be happy to work on the next one!
Hristos Dantis - Greece
Singer | Owner
Yagos Stokas has as major characteristics: Hard working, concentration, discipline, team working, organization and company targets orientation.
Leonardo Zauli - Brasil
Area Project Manager | Siemens Austria GmbH
Stokas has successfully performed Civil Engineer works project management and consulting services for the 150kV AIS Lygourio, Aiginio and Pyrgos II Substations.
Hans Welts - Austria
Deputy General Manager | Efacec Contracting Central Europe GmbH
Stokas Construction has successfully performed all Civil Engineer works on “turn key basis” for the 150/20kV Makrichori and Agia Substation.
Thomas Krispel - Austria
Senior Project Manager | VA Tech T&D
Stokas Inc. is a highly creative, detail oriented and very professional team who put forward their best in order to deliver the best. With excellent management and supervision, Stokas delivered the project on time and budget.
Antonis Tsaousis - Greece
Managing Director | Tsaousis Real Estate Agents
Πρόσχαροι άνθρωποι και με διάθεση για εξυπηρέτηση. Όλες οι εργασίες πραγματοποιήθηκαν με επαγγελματισμό και διακριτικότητα. Συστήνω την εταιρεία ανεπιφύλακτα.
Παππάς Γρηγόριος - Σοφία - Greece
Η συνεργασία μας με την εταιρεία Stokas Construction είναι άψογη. Ωραίοι άνθρωποι με όρεξη για δουλειά και πρωτότυπες ιδέες.
Nίκος Σαββόπουλος - Greece
Managing Director | Artware
Ομάδα με επαγγελματισμό και συνέπεια, ανεπιφύλακτη επιλογή!
Manos Parcharidis - Greece
Managing Director | Webfame
  • Yagos Stokas

    Civil Engineer, Project Manager
  • Natassa Kokaliari

    Interior Design, Stylist
  • Emmanouela Stamataki

    Architect Engineer
  • Michalis Karantinos

    Civil Engineer
Stokas Inc.
What is QUBI? It's not just an acronym of our own inspiration.

In an assonance with the latin word "cube", the acronym QUBI, includes the evidence of the unique identity of the Building. Specifically, the construction parameters as well as the information related to its quality and operation:
Get inspired!
In the field of projects not only the skills of Stokas Inc team there are presented. Every project is a unique opportunity for a new vision. Your own vision._
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Modern Two-Storey Residence in Glyfada
Architecture — Construction — Interior
Modern Two-Storey Residence in Porto Heli