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Providing award-winning architectural design services, to ensure a result of top aesthetic and absolute functionality, within the framework of modern concept, innovative standards and future-proof design.

From the very first line to the final form of the design, the focus of our inspiration, ideas and creation is on the human. At Stokas Construction, we set the standards for the design, construction and configuration of a building and a space, based on the parameters of luxury, ergonomics in space management and sustainable performance.

Each of our architectural proposals respects the budget and the limits that have been set in the initial phase of our projects. Nevertheless it is executed within the lines of our own unique philosophy, which dictates the approach, active diligence and completion of a project that will be recognised for its uniqueness, innovation and efficiency.


Award-winning building construction services, with comprehensive supervision at every step of the process, including even the stage of contractual consideration and land-for-home utilisation.

For us, the construction of each building always follows two parallel paths: The first one includes the materials, the analysis and the implementation of the plan. The second unfolds a unique story that is written in parallel with the implementation of the plan, the selection of ideal and innovative solutions, the personalisation and the creation of an efficient space with a unique identity. By following both of these paths, we aim to fulfil all the needs and take care of all the details that lead to a unique result. That is why we are there, at the very point of construction, not only to ensure perfection, but also to deliver a building which will offer the resident / user the enjoyable experiences of uniqueness and luxury, and the ideal return on their investment.

Interior Design

Thorough case-study, instinct and know-how are the main axes of implementation of an unparalleled design, with visual dominance, functional efficiency and material upgrade of the space as points of excellence.

For us, the interior design of a space is a constant “dialogue” with perfection. That is why we are setting standards that shape new concepts in the field of Interior Design. The identity of the space, the needs of its functionality and the aesthetics of its user, parameterise the creative inspiration on the dimensions, the textures, the materials and the proportions. Our goal is to create a result that will amalgamate the flawless aesthetics with unparalleled functionality, now and in the future.

Renovation and Reconstruction

The renovation, but also the reconstruction constitute a special challenge, which we enjoy to face through the integrated structural study and the groundbreaking interventions for the reconstruction of the building and its interiors.

At the core of our philosophy, every building and every space has its own story to narrate, both on a literal level as an existing structure and on a personal level of its resident / user. The very length of this story is always challenged by the wear and tear caused by time and habit. It is on this milestone of reconstruction and renovation that we lay the foundations, not just of restoration, but also of delivering a stronger and more beautiful result. That is why our interventions are implemented through innovation, know-how and the ability to apply top structural, energy and aesthetic standards; always with respect for the history of the building, the style of the area and the vision of the customer.
We approach, design and create each of our projects with absolute dedication to the final result. That is why every inspiration and implementation, from the conception of the idea to the delivery of the project, constitutes a personal challenge. Recognition, through awards and publications, is the ultimate reward of every creation, which complements the feeling of personal pride, deriving from the absolute satisfaction of each of our clients.
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Stokas Inc. consists of a recognised team of specialised professionals, which works in perfect coordination, channelling in each project its inspiration, experience and training, through its passion, values and common philosophy.
Aftersales / Customer Services Award (Quality dossier, Warranties, Documentation) Dossier
Best Single-Family House / Villa / 180sq.m and over
Best Apartment Renovation 50sq.m until 130 sq.m
Best Interior Design Single-Family House / Villa / Apartments
Best Single-Family Rental Luxury Villa 180 sq.m and over
Best Kitchen Design
Best Single Family Residence
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Browse our project gallery and discover the vision behind Stokas Construction team’s capabilities. Our creations enfold a unique story from the first draft, to the realisation of the final result.
Our philosophy is the creation, construction and completion of projects with unique characteristics. This is appertains to the wishes of our customers, who often ask for a result that has the quality and delectation of a luxury hotel. And as strange as it sounds in the wording, this is our goal, indeed: To offer you the experience of relaxation and tranquillity in your home, similar to the one we enjoy during our vacation.
The completion of your project is
accompanied by our quality dossier: QUBI
Quality & Utility Building Information
What is QUBI? It’s not just an acronym for Quality & Utility Building Information.

It is a "cube" -as its name goes with the corresponding Latin word cubus- which encloses all the elements of each of our construction project’s unique identity, including all the construction parameters, as well as the information related to its quality, operation and functional characteristics.