"Excellence is not an act,
it is a habit"
Stokas Inc, established in 1997 by Yagos Stokas, undertakes the study or supervision and construction of residences, hotels and industrial projects, working alongside reliable construction companies and developing a wide range of customers mainly from Central Europe and North America. Stokas Inc adopting the concepts of innovation, professionalism and evolution, focuses on the study and construction of high standards and quality residences throughout Greece.
Transparency - Enthusiasm - Conscientiousness - Innovation
Τhey are the principal axes that define each new collaboration. Customer’s requests are the main impulse for Stokas company to provide -with enthusiasm and inspiration- a distinct quality of living space, always aiming at an excellent result.
The combination of functionality and geometry, the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, the use of local materials of each region and the exploitation of the abundant greek light are the main components of Stokas Inc’s design philosophy.
Attentiveness in blending and symmetry of materials, innovation in selection of claddings and finishing works, continuous progress and application of new methods, as well as strict observance to the budget and time schedule are the main components of Stokas Inc' s manufacturing philosophy.
Along with the above, participation of young people, adoption of innovative ideas and challenges, teamwork and mainly care for every project have composed Stokas Inc’s vision, gradually evolved over the past twenty years, making the company recognizable and unique for their providing services.
Our goal is to convert your vision into a top-level creation with key ingredients our pride and your own satisfaction.
Civil Engineer, Project Manager
Since I remember myself I design and generally have an innate curiosity about any type of construction. Conscientiousness, the effort to continuous upgrowth and intense love for my job I suppose that are the main reasons that I became from a Construction Engineer to a Project Manager or Contractor to major projects, collaborating with major European construction companies, during the last decade.

Through these collaborations, I was fortunate to get in touch and finally adopt the European way of thinking in management and services. Although, the most important thing is that I have met very remarkable people and very important Scientists with whom I have developed long-term friendships.

Each project is an acceptance of a new challenge. This consists in building a home that should mark a distinct quality of life. This is not a goal but my personal purpose and during its accomplishment, your smile to the entire Stokas team, is the most important and perhaps most significant reward to me.
Interior Design, Stylist
I have a deep love affair with design of all forms. Interior design though is my everlasting passion. It all started years ago when with my small camera I was hooked on taking captions of every little corner of my home, every time I changed the curtains, the pillows, a vase, a small plant. Ι used to arrange and rearrange the object's place until they appeared to be perfectly set. I thought - and still do, that photos reveal the reality of a room, as it is not as we see it. Little did I know back then that this was a need for balance and harmony and the beginning of my career.

Rooms have to reflect one's personality and lifestyle otherwise they become soulless. Functionality and comfort are important but it comes hand in hand with style. I’m considering myself as a storyteller, I love creating spaces that are beautiful, sentimental and subsequently tell a story. Yours!
Architect Engineer
It's hard for an Architect to grow in a home with Economists parents. It was created at the beginning unconsciously and then became personal purpose, the necessity for every line in the plan to have meaning and substance, in order to achieve the best possible realizable result. Restrictions and parameters of any nature have never been an obstacle to Architectural Synthesis. Contrary to that, they become reasons for further thought. The methodical approach, the willingness to up growth, but above all the effort to develop a global view of any project, I suppose that has helped me to deal with the field of construction.

Through Stokas Inc projects a really new and very interesting experience was born, the design of a home. This is because the creation of such an architectural composition is really difficult and at the same time very interesting, as we are called upon to capture the spaces of the future memories of its users. A pioneering and user-driven plan but always in full harmony with the surrounding environment has always been the best recipe for the company.
Civil Engineer
Organisation and methodicalness. Two innate characteristics of mine that I think are necessary for every kind of construction, from the assembly of a furniture to the erection of a multi-storey building. These features, combined with the curiosity that I always used to have any type of construction were some of the reasons that led me to the selection of the Civil Engineering profession. Until today I am not disappointed by my choice.

Stokas Inc gave me the opportunity to become part of this process from the first excavation and the foundation reinforce and concreting to the placement of the last lamp and the delivery of the project to the owner. Designing, guiding, organizing and even actively engaging in work when needed. Now the goal of reliable, functional and user-driven residences is a springboard to become better every day. Motivation and challenge at the same time are to predict and overcome any small or big difficulty and construction detail that can make ours and especially your own life easier.
What is QUBI? It's not just an acronym of our own inspiration.

In an assonance with the latin word "cube", the acronym QUBI, includes the evidence of the unique identity of the Building. Specifically, the construction parameters as well as the information related to its quality and operation:
It is the place where the source of our creation and creative thoughts springs from. Our offices! It is the place where ideas and passion are coming from, where every external activity, every communication, every oversight, every project delivery begins. It is the point of reference of our identity and our meeting point with your own vision.