Residential Development Award 2020 Residential Development Award 2020
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Stokas Construction undertakes the renovation, structural repair, reinforcement or complete reconstruction of spaces and buildings, giving them a new perspective, through the complete structural inspection, the identification of the points that require improvement, but also through maintenance, emergence and the renewal of their important identity.

Two basic parameters coexist in every renovation and reconstruction project: The condition of the building and the needs of the client. Our goal is to shape a new reality for the building, by drawing up and executing a comprehensive strategic plan. The final result will define the new quality, value, functionality, durability and aesthetics of the building.
Remodeling and Renovation Awards 2020
Analysis and Evaluation
The first step of the process includes the complete examination of the current condition, while tracking down all the new requirements, the particular characteristics and the needs of improvement. Through the evaluation of these data, we will be allowed to structure the ideal plan for the renovation or the reconstruction, which will lead to the substantial upgrade of the quality and the identity of the structure or space.
Structural Inspection and Analysis
The structural improvements and reinforcements of a building require the specialisation, the integrated expertise and the know-how of Stokas Construction and its technical partners, in order to ensure the enhanced parameters of safety and reliability, but also to “unlock” the building’s upgrade potential.
Construction and Supervision
We supervise the entire process, in order to maintain complete control over the smooth flow, the accuracy, and the quality of the result, as specified in the strategic plan of the project. In addition, we are on the spot to effectively address any additional needs, while ensuring the full implementation of the renovation’s strategic plan, through the prism of the human factor.
The completion of your project is
accompanied by our quality dossier: QUBI
Quality & Utility Building Information
What is QUBI? It’s not just an acronym for Quality & Utility Building Information.

It is a "cube" -as its name goes with the corresponding Latin word cubus- which encloses all the elements of each of our construction project’s unique identity, including all the construction parameters, as well as the information related to its quality, operation and functional characteristics.