Residential Development Award 2020 Residential Development Award 2020
Stokas Construction offers an extensive range of Architectural and Construction services. Through the contribution of its experienced, established and fully trained team, but also of its selected partners, it undertakes the architectural design of buildings and spaces, construction, interior decoration, renovation and complete reconstruction. Our goal is to create a unique result, through quality and perfection, personalised adaptation, absolute compatibility with the aesthetics and the requirements, but also through the ability to listen, anticipate and adjust every detail to the needs of the human person at the heart of the project.

We choose to be chosen, for our devotion to detail, for the openness to innovation, for the experience of the ultimate delectation of the result, for our own unique identity. Through every architectural design, through every building construction, through every interior design and decoration project, through every reconstruction that rests on the art and technique of renovation, we create spaces that host unique life stories.

Four main pillars of our philosophy constitute the basis of every project: Efficiency, Dedication, Inspiration and Reliability. And it is precisely this philosophy that makes us equate every international recognition or award and the feeling of our customers’ satisfaction through our services.
The completion of your project is
accompanied by our quality dossier: QUBI
Quality & Utility Building Information
What is QUBI? It’s not just an acronym for Quality & Utility Building Information.

It is a "cube" -as its name goes with the corresponding Latin word cubus- which encloses all the elements of each of our construction project’s unique identity, including all the construction parameters, as well as the information related to its quality, operation and functional characteristics.