Apartment Renovation in Acropolis, Athens

Apartment in Acropolis, Athens
Yagos Stokas
8 Jan 2019
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    Image: Apartment Renovation in Acropolis

    Athens is great! You experience it when you are invited to renovate a 1960s apartment overlooking the Acropolis. With this perspective, the process of planning and rearrangement of the areas began; with a central focus on keeping  the Parthenon view while enjoying a morning coffee or  dinner with a crisp glass of wine. Wine suggestions? From Drama of course. Are you thinking that my origin is playing any role on this suggestion? Sorry can’t help it!

    In this project, Stokas Inc. undertook the Architectural Design, Interior Decoration, Styling and of course the Renovation works in turn key basis.

    Among this, we undertook the supply of all the furniture and decorative elements of the house (fixtures, tables, sheets, pillows, etc.). All except the cutlery. No. These were brought by the Owner.

    From the construction point of view we have completely renovated the apartment:

    • Technical Specs;
    • Transfer of the kitchen;
    • Bathroom renovation;
    • Floor Replacement;
    • Changing frames;
    • Replacement of electrical networks;
    • Replacement of hydraulic and drainage pipes;
    • New kitchen and wardrobes;
    • Supply of furniture, lighting, decorative elements.

    In this project the kitchen was moved across the room and the excited space was transformed into  a living room with the possibility of creating a double bed. The old wardrobe of the bedroom was moved out of the room and a desk took its place.

    The astonishment we felt contemplating the Parthenon, a 2,500 year old building, is what drove us moving forward and what was left of this work.

    When we finally completed all works we enjoyed the comfortable sofa with a wonderful glass of wine from Drama city. (of course!)


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