Renovation, Strengthening of a Residence in Nea Smyrni, Athens

Apartment in Nea Smyrni, Athens
Yagos Stokas
11 Dec 2018
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  • Image: Remodeling and Strengthening of Residence in Nea Smyrni, Athens

    It is now anticipated that we are never sure what we are going to meet in renovation project. Even more when it comes to a house built in 1932.

    In this particular project, when the wooden floor was demolished, instead of concrete, a dead cat was uncovered from below in a depth of 70 cm with soil!

    The architecture of the house has changed completely:

    • Relocation of kitchen to the other corner of the house,
    • New guest bathroom creation where there was a wardrobe (with toys inside)
    • Second bedroom reconstruction  (guest room),
    • The small room in the yard became laundry,
    • Construction of new cabinets, kitchens and all wooden works,
    • Open spaces creation be demolition of existing walls,

    In this house, the reinforcement of the existing stone masonry during the demolition took place with due diligence. Among other things, the stoneworks (stone walls) and the foundations had to be reinforced.

    Non the less, the work carried out was extremely demanding:

    • Installation of REHAU underfloor heating;
    • Rebuild an existing bath;
    • Creating the new guest bathroom;
    • Wooden floor coverings;
    • Construction of false ceiling KNAUF;
    • New kitchens and closets in super mat bakelite,;
    • New security door;
    • Replacement of aluminum and roller shutters;
    • Replacement of all electrical, hydraulic and sewer pipes and network;
    • Strengthening existing masonry and foundations;
    • Restoration of rising moisture;
    • Upgrade of power supply network;
    • Modification of the yard;

    The Time Frame of the project? Just 2 months. Needles to mention that Stokas handed the keys and QUBI without any delay.

    What’s left of us? The derelict cat. I am joking.

    This project has linked us to the past and we have faced construction challenges starting from the re-integration of a classical Athenian residence into the fast-paced rhythms of modern life. Everything is evolving. Correct?


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