When buying a new TV, you receive a thick book of detailed technical specifications. But, I have seen spec books for a house that are smaller than those of a kitchen appliance. And this is the beginning of a guaranteed problematic collaboration.

A complete set of detail technical specs, ensures:

  • Avoiding estimating errors and cost overruns
  • Avoiding disputes,
  • Smooth progress of works,
  • Timely completion,
  • Ability to inspect the project sufficiently,
  • Delivery of a house exactly as you imagined and paid for,

Technical specifications is a set of requirements which should comply with the material, design, and should include in detail the following:

  • Contractor’s responsibilities
  • Requirements and Standards,
  • Restrictions and Regulations,
  • Schedule of Materials and Installed Equipment,
  • Methodology for every construction stage,

Incomplete technical specifications do not show neither professionalism nor experience and should put anyone on second thought. If that’s your case, you should re-evaluate your final decision.

Yagos Stokas