Why 2019 was a wonderful year!

Why 2019
was a wonderful year
Yagos Stokas
5 Jan 2020
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    Image: Happy New Year 2020

    In reviewing the year on the first working day of 2020, we realize once again the importance of fine relations. We’ve put down mouses and pencils for a while and already started discussing the projects we’ve completed, our successes and honors, as well as the friendships that have been created, over a hot coffee and the impending cut of the Vasilopita (Christmas pie).

    The first thing that comes in my mind is that in 2020 is finding us healthy and firm. We climbed scaffolds, faced cold, rain and heat waves and experienced with our crews all the difficulties and challenges of design and construction.

    Besides that, 2019 was indeed a wonderful year:

    • We have successfully completed the construction of Residences, Building strengthening, Apartment remodeling and renovation,
    • We have designed over 250 Architectural drawings,
    • We delivered over 70 renderings for Interior Design,
    • We’ve completed over 40 exterior Renderings,
    • We have contracted projects which will start taking place this current year,
    • We were awarded by the Interior Design Awards 2020,
    • We organized team building events with our partners and finally
    • We developed friendships with our new customers.

    To achieve all of the above I would personally like to thank Natassa, Michalis, Emmanuela and Panos for their enthusiasm and ingenuity, but also all of our Subcontractors and Suppliers who have consistently complied with our requirements and instructions.

    2020 is a very promising year. We will strive consistently for our vision of delivering beautiful constructions again, encouraging an elevated quality of life.

    Let’s all have a happy and constructive 2020!

    Stokas Team

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