What are the stages till completion of a house?

Project Management
Yagos Stokas
10 Apr 2018
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    Stages of a construction project vary depending on the nature and complexity of the project. However, according to IPMA (Project Management principles) all projects have similar phases and sequence. Those who are linked to the owner’s actions are summarised below:

    1. Set an upper limit at least 5% below available funds for unpredicted expenses related to construction, loans, lawyers and taxes/fees. Increase this unpredicted amount to if you don’t hire a professional construction firm.
    2. Needs. Establish your needs regarding rooms and facilities. Do not hesitate to give to your partner / construction company all your ideas or sketches even if they look like kids drawings.
    3. This is the first and very important actual step of construction. Do not compensate off your standards, unless you can’t afford to get exactly what you want.
    4. The creative part! You will work closely with the designers/construction firm to design your dream. Reserve time at the beginning and request complete and detailed blueprints as well as technical specifications of the house. Construction cost is highly reduced with detailed and accurate design.
    5. They are handled by professional engineers only. Construction permits from Urbanism might take months; but if the designs are following the legal requirements and your construction firm/partner is experienced, you’ll be happily surprised.
    6. This is the part where you will enjoy or have headaches depending upon your construction company and project manager. If they are good professionals you’ll be receiving periodical progress reports and updates regarding deadlines, deliverables and milestones. No matter how far you are, you have to be able to have a full overview of your project anytime.
    7. Finishing Works. Prior to delivery acceptance of the house you should receive the “as built” documentation (blueprints, warranties and testing reports). It is very important in many cases such as house maintenance and future renovations.
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