Building a house In Greece. How hard is it?

Key Steps
Yagos Stokas
14 Jun 2018
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    Building a house can be a complex case, which mostly depends on the selection of suitable partners. For a person who lives abroad, this becomes the most critical factor for success. A good partner in general must be honest, trustworthy and easy to communicate with.

    What do I need in Greece?

    The prerequisite steps presented as follows:

    1. Legal and Accounting support. Find an accountant and a lawyer. Pay attention to have collaborated with overseas customers and inspire you with confidence on their field. Stokas Inc. has external partners who can guide you safely.
    2. Engineering. Find either a Construction Company or an Engineer Consultant that you will need during the initial plot checks and building terms.
    3. Finding the Plot. A construction company or real estate agency will help you find your property.
    4. Checks. In Greece, the necessary checks before land purchase are the Construction terms, Archieology Department, Forestry, Μortgage. A plot no matter how appealing looks like it has to be thoroughly tested on these four key factors.

    Although Greece is part of the European Union, the mentality could be different than Northern Europeans or Americans. Therefore, find a construction company with European or American client references. This will lead to a more smooth, qualitative and without surprises collaboration.

    This is the first and most important step, in order to turn a hard process into a surprisingly pleasant journey in sunny Greece.

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