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Ι save | I Autonomous
Yagos Stokas
14 Nov 2020
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  • Εξοικονομώ Αυτονομώ 2020
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    1. What is I Saving – I Autonomous Program?

    It is a program subsidized by the NSRF, which provides a subsidy of up to 85% of the total cost to improve and reduce the energy footprint of your home. The ultimate goal of the program is to achieve specific energy and environmental goals at the national level.

    2. Why should I choose Save – Autonomy Program?

    Through the program, the energy upgrade of your home is achieved, while at the same time:

    • You save money,
    • You upgrade your quality of life,
    • You increase the current and the resale value of the property,
    • Protect the Environment.

    3. To which houses is it addressed?

    The program can include detached houses, apartment buildings as well as individual apartments. To be considered eligible, a home must meet the following conditions:

    • To be used as the main residence,
    • To exist legally,
    • Be classified based on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in a category lower than or equal to C,
    • Not to have been deemed demolishable.

    Each Beneficiary is given the opportunity to submit more than one application.

    4. What are the motivations of the program?

    The program subsidizes a significant percentage of the total cost of the works that will energy upgrade your home. At the same time, it subsidizes 100% the costs for the 2 necessary energy inspections, the project consultant’s fee  as well as the designers fees.

    The subsidy rates are based on income criteria while additional increases in the subsidy rate are introduced (Covid Premium, Energy Premium, Lignite Premium)

    5. What tasks are included in the program?

    The tasks covered by the program are divided into the following categories:

    1. Installation / Replacement of Frames & Shading Systems
    2. Installation / Upgrading of Thermal Insulation
    3. Installation / Upgrading of Heating / Cooling Systems
    4. Installation / Upgrading of Hot Water Production Systems
    5. Saving interventions – autonomy (photovoltaic systems, smart home etc)

    6. What procedure do I have to follow to apply for the program?

    Send an email to our company, to see the detailed guide for the Program and then contact us to fully undertake the energy upgrade of your home.

    7. Why choose Stokas Inc?

    Because  Stokas Inc. team consists of experienced engineers, who always have priority in finding the best solutions with high quality and aesthetics with basic criteria of functionality and economy. Our network of specialized Subcontractors and Vendors allows the immediate, appropriate and optimal realization of the works of the program.

    And of course because Stokas Inc. has 100% success from the submission of the file till the  completion of the program for its customers.

    Download the concise Chart of Actions for your better understanding (in greek text).

    Εξοικονομώ Ενέργειες STOKAS INC

    Εξοικονομώ Ενέργειες STOKAS INC

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