Project Description

People often feel that hiring a professional to decorate their home is an unnecessary luxury or an expense that they can not afford. On the contrary, hiring an interior designer will help you save money and keep you on budget.

A professional has the necessary resources and contacts to get you the best possible deal in terms of quality / quantity of materials and services, as well as, help you save time by avoiding a time-consuming search in brands, prices and products. Why waste your time when you can have the benefit of an experienced professional doing it for you?

Every project I take charge off, my first step is to get to know my client better, become a second set of eyes for him and help transform his thoughts and unmet needs into a stunning home, where he and his family can fully enjoy their life.

Being trained to think differently and seeing the overall picture in every project, while at the same time not missing any of the details, I often, propose, custom made furniture solutions.  Customised furniture solutions can work for both smaller, as well as larger projects and always add a personal touch to the entire design, while at the same time can prove to be a more economic solution than one might imagine.

My personal trademark is to create a sense of “story telling” in every interior design project I undertake; at the end of the day I want you to feel that you have both a unique habitat of higher aesthetic, as well as a functional and homely domicile.

If you feel that this is what you want for your home, contact me and let’s create it together.

Private residence in Porto Heli

Epsilon Horizon Villa is an eclectic domicile that embraces discreet opulence with sleek lines and neutral tones. The goal was to combine modern minimalism with Scandinavian class while maintaining a sense of relaxation, coolness and luxury.

Interior Design Style: Scandinavian Chic

Private residence in Athens

One of the main issues with this case was to manage to maintain the magnificent views of the house, while at the same time preserving the residents need for privacy. Of course, elegant minimalism is always the way to go when nature offers such a magnificent backdrop.

Interior Design Style: Scandinavian Chic

Private residence in Nea Makri

The element of visual contrast was utilized in order to create a classic decoration effect,  in combination with Swiss design, by introducing a touch of gray colour in the entire wall.

Interior Design Style: Modern Classic with Swiss design accents

Pilates studio in Glyfada

A contemporary pilates studio located in Glifada. This project presented a number of challenges such as taking advantage of every inch of available space while at the same time not losing the sense of coziness that was very important to the client. Custom designed fitness equipment played an important role in achieving the right result in the end.

Interior Design Style: Contemporary with clean lines

Student Apartment

A small student apartment that demanded efficiency and a sense of airiness to drive away any notion of gloom. The main challenge was to incorporate all the functional elements while at the same time provide a sense of playfulness, excitement and individuality.

Interior Design Style: Scandinavian Modern Design

Apartment in Athens

Bright colours and patterns were added to a basically neutral room. The idea was to create a clean yet welcoming feeling without going too far and “cluttering” up the area. A grey accent wall really brought life and style to this chic leaving room in combination with some grey pattern throws and pastel details.

Interior Design Style: Modern Eclectic

Cottage in Monemvasia

A two storey cottage goes through a sophisticated transformation that respects its past and celebrates its crisp character. A mostly white palette with grey and neutral undertones worked magically to this residence. White cabinets, walls and objects create a serene and updated background.
The living room is adjacent to the dining room. Entertaining here makes sense. You can imagine guests moving from the long farmhouse dining table to continue conversation around the fireplace in the living room.
Of course again, elegant minimalism is always the way to go when nature offers such a magnificent backdrop.

Interior Design Style: Sophisticated Country Style