We Are Hiring!

We Are Hiring!
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Yagos Stokas
3 Jul 2020
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  • We Are Hiring
    Image: Stokas Inc we are hiring

    We are looking for Engineers!


    Civil / Architect Engineer

    Job Type

    Full Time

    Overall Description

    The environment at Stokas Inc. gives each member of the team the opportunity to evolve and multifaceted knowledge in construction and design. Our executives are actively involved in all project’s stages. We want the candidate to have an opinion to be dynamic and effective. He/she will be called to supervise construction projects inside and outside of Attica, to take technical decisions and solve problems on site. Be organizational, focused and most importantly love his/her job. If needed to be able to work overtime and follow the philosophy of Stokas Inc. for the construction of high quality projects. The sense of humor and smile is a prerequisite!



    • Architect and/or Civil Enginner;
    • Expert in MS Excel, Word;
    • Literate in English (verbal and writing);
    • Literate in AutoCAD;
    • Ability to work under pressure;
    • Communicative, consistent, effective with interpersonal skills,
    • Ambitious and intuitive with ethics;
    • Ability to travel outside of Attica;
    • Experienced driver with valid driver license;
    • Car or Motorcycle owner;

    Will be greatly appreciated


    • 3-year experience in construction;
    • Literate in Mac software such as Pages, Numbers
    • Literate in MS Project;
    • Strong verbal, written, analytical, and interpersonal skills;
    • Ability in solving technical problems;
    • Excellence in 3D Rendering software;


    Fees of our executives are proportional to their current experience, progress and efficiency!


    CVs will be sent in pdf format to


    Looking forward to meeting you!

    Stokas Team,

    Love it!
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