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Yagos Stokas
3 Aug 2022
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    Architect at Stokas Design & Construction


    Architect at Stokas Design & Construction

    Job Type

    Full Time

    Required qualifications

    • Nationality: Greek or EU Resident;
    • Diploma in Architecture;
    • 3+ years of experience;
    • Excellence in AutoCAD and Archicad;
    • Excellence in MS Excel, Word;
    • Fluent in English (verbal and writing);
    • Member of TEE;
    • Experienced driver, owner of a car / motorcycle;
    • Military obligations completed;

    Will be highly appreciated

    • Extended experience of obtaining building permits;
    • Extended experience of NOK;
    • Experience of 3ds Max, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, Twin motion
    • Experience of the construction of building projects;
    • Ability to work and/or travel outside of Athens;

    Will be consider as a plus

    • Experience of Numbers, Pages (Mac) software;
    • Experience of MS Project;
    • Experience of 4M Software;


    • Communicative, consistent, effective with interpersonal skills;
    • Ambitious, intuitive with ethics;
    • Ability to work under pressure in order to meet dead lines;
    • Effective in working individually and/or as a team member;
    • Out-of-the box thinker and fast learner;
    • Have a courage to take risks;

    The environment at Stokas Design & Construction gives each member of the team the opportunity of development and multifaceted knowledge of the projects. Fees of our executives are proportional to their progress, efficiency but mostly to their results. Î’onuses taken for granted. Our main concern is the expansion of knowledge and experience of our partners. They will be engaged from the design concept to the final implementation and from the detailed design to the as built studies. The candidate liaises with clients and following up the construction of projects in order to be in line with our philosophy of building high aesthetics quality projects. At Stokas, our partners must have an opinion and the sense of humor is essential.


    In your resume, please highlight the prerequisite as well as the following terms


    Please sent your CV / Portfolio in pdf format to

    Looking forward to meeting you!

    Stokas Team,

    Love it!
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