Three Modern Two-Storey Residences in Porto Heli
Project Information
For Sale
Modern Design
House 215 M2 - 2307 SF ±
Plot for Each House 315 M2 - 3400 SF ±
0,2 km Coastline
3 Bedrooms
3 En-Suite Bathrooms
1 WC
Swimming Pool
Private Parking
Eco-friendly house
Characteristics & Amenities
First Floor Level
1 Bedroom, En-suite bathroom, Walk-In Closet, Private Balcony,
1 Bedroom, En-suite bathroom, Walk-In Closet
Ground Floor Level
Living Room
1 WC / Wardrobe Closet
1 Fireplace
Lower Level
1 Bedroom, En-suite bathroom, Walk-In Closet, Private Porch
Play Room
Engine & Storage Room
Linen & Laundry Room
Outdoor Area
1 Reinforced Concrete Swimming Pool 3,00 Χ 9,00 μ
1 Car Parking with Pergola
Outdoor Dining Area
Outdoor Living Area
Outdoor Shower
Outdoor BBQ
Special Quality Characteristics
Overall Interior Comfort Details
Ceiling Comfort Light to Every Room (Optional)
Comfort Light to Bathrooms (Optional)
Electrical Rolling Shutters (Optional)
Wood Fireplace
Led Lights Illumination
Dimmer Lighting to Living Room (Optional)
ON/OFF Lights Main Switch for Entire House (Optional)
Glass Pivot Entrance Door
High Standards Kitchens
Overall Bedrooms Comfort Details
Central Spot Lights & Comfort Light Operation by the Bed
Individually Controlled Reading Lights on Each Side of the Bed (Optional)
USB Outlets on Each Side of the Bed X 2 (Optional)
Schuko Outlet on Each Side of the Bed
Electrical Rolling Shutters Controller by the Bed (Optional)
TV Outlet
LAN Outlet
Swimming Pool
ZODIAC French Mechanism
Automatic water disinfection system
Three sensors for measuring PH, REDOX and temperature
Digital control panel with indication for PH and REDOX
Automatic level control for the overflow tank
Integrated Systems - HVAC
DAIKIN HVAC system of Heat pump and Fan-coils
REHAU Floor Heating (Optional)
KNAUF Drywalls system
GROHE, Bathroom Fixtures
WILO Twin Pump System
VIMAR Outlets and Sockets
Central Fire and Burglary System
Aluminum Structures of Alumil systems S350 - S450 - M9660
Gate Internal Communication & Camera
Hot Water Solar System & Electrical Boiler
Project Contributors
Stokas Inc. & Associates
Three Modern Two-Storey Residences in Porto Heli
Architecture, Construction

This project constitutes a visualization for the Design and Construction of three modern and luxurious residence of 215 M2 area each, located in 315 M2 plots. This complex with total area of 945 M2 is located in advantageous position in Porto Heli, Argolida close to cultural and natural interesting sites, 200 meters away from the closest coast. The main entrance of the residences is located on roadway, providing easy access to the tenants.

The strongly long shape of the plots led to the need of emphasising in the vertical movement while designing the residence, separating by levels day and night main spaces. This elevation tendency is furthermore underlined by the height difference between the two masses which contribute to the composition, as well as by the use of extended openings in one of them, signaling at the same time a mood for projection of the interior to the public environment of the particular department. That is the reason why functions with the most common use are placed in this particular mass.

The idea for the coexistence of two yards, keeping the private-common motif, was born by the requirement for variety in a such long plot. So, the main outdoor space is located towards the road with a tendency for communication with the external environment while the more private outdoor space is placed with direction to the interior. Selection of the materials, textures and colouring, as well as the intentive combination of the above is made in such a way so that “home” feeling is emphasised within a more modern context. At the same time different surfaces switching game helped to point out some points of interest, making them standing out from the wall white canvas.

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