Choosing your contractor might be the single most important decision you make in the building process. It’s the contractor you pick that will determine the amount of the emotional and financial stress you’ll have to deal with.

Therefore, find a builder who have technical competence, integrity and professionalism.

How? Here are 6 tips that briefly summarize your steps for making the right choice:

Do not be in rush to decide
Take your time and choose wisely. After all, you and your contractor, you will be spending a lot of time together.

  1. Do Your Homework

    Prior to any actions, set your basic requirements (e.g. number of bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen size, WC, etc.), your style and your budget. Set a budget at least 5% lower than your available fund.

  2. What to look for

    Ideally find a Construction Company who is meeting the following conditions:
    – Recommendations from previous clients;
    – It’s consisted by a team of Project manager, Engineer and Designers team;
    – It’s able to provide you a Lawyer and Accountant support.
    This is the only way to ensure low budget, exceptional design, quality and trouble free ownership

  3. Get Quotes

    A conscientious contractor will request not only a complete set of blueprints, but also a sense of what homeowners want out of a project. Which lead us to two options:
    a. If the basic design of your house is done, then your bider should be able to give you an accurate offer and NOT a cost estimation;
    b. Basic design is not done. In that case, ask from the construction company to elaborate preliminary Architectural plans in order to have a construction cost estimate. You will have time to meet up again for further details. Remember tip No. 1

  4. Quotes evaluation

    A professional quote, consisted by the following 5 issues:
    a. Contract Agreement template
    b. Time Schedule
    c. Table of Material & Prices
    d. Technical Specs for Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Works
    e. Preliminary Drawings and Schematics
    If you have all these, you are in the right path. However, in order to have effortless and timeless control of your project, despite few others, ask for a Lump-Sum Price instead of Bill of Quantities.

  5. Do not let price be your guide

    Keep in mind that the lowest price may not always be your best pick. Beyond technical competence, comfort and how well you are communicate with your contractor, should play an equal role in your decision. Trust you instinct.

Wishing you good luck and wise decision to find the perfect contractor!

Yagos Stokas